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Name / Constellation


Other: LBN 701


Coordinates AR: 03h 49m 36s - Dec: +48° 58′ 55″
Optics Takahashi FSQ 106N APO Fluorite F5 - 60/220 guiding refractor
Camera-Mount SBIG STF8300M - Orion StarShot Guider - 10Micron GM2000 QCI Mount
Filters Baader Ha - Oxy3
  • H alpha
  • Oxy 3
  • 21 x 900 sec - 5 hours 15 min
  • 12 x 900 sec - 3 hours
Location / Date Promiod (Valle D'Aosta-Italy) "TLP" Remote Observatory - 08/10 oct 2019
Seeing About 3" @ 2.1 arcosec/pixel unbinned
Note Bi-color palette
Acquisition MaxIm DL - CCD Autopilot 5
Processing Adobe Photoshop CS6 -

Both Sharpless and Avedisova list the O9 class multiple star HD 24431 as the main ionising star for the large diffuse Sh 2-205, sometimes called the Peanut nebula. Avedisova also lists two cooler B-class ionising stars. 
A recent series of papers divides the nebula into three distinct regions (although at similar distances), with the B-stars ionising a different region than HD 24431. They also suggest that CY Cam (HD 24094) may be an O8.5 or O9 star instead of the usually suggested much cooler B8 and may be the main ionising star of LBN 148.11-0.45 (LBN 696) in this direction.Like Sh 2-202, this nebula lies at the edge of the Cam OB1 association.